Walnut shells are naturally abrasive and absorptive, among other characteristics.

Natural bedding
Happy Tiger is 100% natural, biodegradable, clumping and is a virtually dust-free bedding.

It is made of purely natural walnut shell. It is flushable in the toilet and hypoallergenic because made without any harmful ingredients. Happy Tiger is safe for you and your cat or kitten.

●   100% natural without harmful ingredients
●   Hypoallergic
●   Flushable
●   Almost immediately neutralises odour and absorbs moisture perfectly

●   Does not stick to cat’s paws
●   Strong clumping
●   Also suitable for other small animals
●   Easy to carry

Natural abrasive
This purely natural material – grounded walnut shells – does not contain iron components and does not damage the blasted material. It finds its use even in repeated cleaning and blasting or in cases, where it is necessary for the abrasive to burn off after finalization.

The shells are washed, cleaned, then crushed and calibrated to the desired sizes 0.2-0.45; 0.45-1; 1-1.7; 1.7-2.4 mm. They are stored in dry and ventilated warehouse and then packaged in big-bags or 25kg bags.